Milan Guštar

History, Principles, and Contexts
Part II - Electronic Musical Instruments

The second part of the book called Electrophones, now in preparation, deals with the development, principles, and construction of electronic musical instruments. The book describes the basic circuits of electronic organs, synthesizers, and other instruments and follows the history of the respective groups of musical instruments. A special chapter deals with the fundamentals of electronics, electronic parts, and schematic symbols and thus enables even those readers who are not familiar with electronics to better understand the electronic circuit connexions of instruments.

The book Electrophones II describes several hundreds of musical instruments, the text is accompanied with schemes, photographs, and reproductions of the original patents. As in the first part, the basic biographical data concerning the important inventors, constructors, and makers of musical instruments and brief history of the companies producing electronic and electromechanical musical instruments can be found in the text.

The book Electrophones II is a continuation of the first part dealing with electromechanical musical instruments and published in may 2007.

Milan Guštar: Elektrofony II. Sample pages:
Analogue electronic instruments
Automatic analogue electronic instruments
Digitally controlled analogue electronic instruments
Hybrid electronic instruments
Automatic hybrid electronic instruments
Digital electronic instruments
Automatic digital electronic instruments
Elektronic parts

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