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Další apikace metody SBRA v oblasti strojních konstrukcí.
Pravděpodobnostní výpočty v mechanice 1

Author: Karel Frydrýšek.

Publisher: VŠB-Tu Ostrava, Katedra pružnosti,Fakulta strojní.

Probabilistic Assessment of Structures using Monte Carlo Simulation.
Background, Exercises and Software.

Second extended edition of the book from a TeReCo project is available.

Editors: Pavel Marek, Jacques Brozzetti, Milan Guštar and Paul Tikalsky.

Publisher: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prosecká 76, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic.

The book is distributed by its publisher and can be ordered at
In North America the textbook can be ordered at The University of Arizona BookStores,


New version 2.5 of Anthill for Windows is available.

Registered users of professional version of Anthill can download a free upgrade.
Free Lite version of the program can be downloaded here.
The professional version of the program is distributed by ARTech and can be ordered at